Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Worst case scenario

Inevitably, the market will make adjustments and overcome the obstacles and hurdles put into place by the federal government.
It always does. Recessions, on average, last about nine months. Government intervention usually is too late, or makes it worse, which has been the case since the current recession began.
If recovery happens before November 2012, liberals nevertheless will claim that their harmful policies of wasteful spending, bailouts and inflation are responsible for the recovery, rather than the reasons it took so long.
Thousands of Americans who have not been educated about how our economic system works, and either are unable or unwilling to learn for themselves, will accept that claim and vote for more of the same.
If the current president is re-elected as a result, he will be freed from any concerns about the electorate and is certain to embark on a course of all-out socialism not seen since the 1930s.
With a conservative majority in Congress, the damage might be limited. If somehow Congress slips back into liberal hands, America is in deep trouble.
Therefore, all the current chattering about who can win against the incumbent is meaningless. If the economy remains in tatters, anyone can beat him. If it recovers, he wins.

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Al Brooke said...

Good, but scary!!
Al Brooke