Sunday, May 8, 2011

What they don't teach

The government schools need help.
Here's how parents can help them.
Find out what your child is being taught. Check the textbooks. Ask the child what the teacher is saying.
If the child is being indoctrinated instead of educated, enroll the child in a private school or teach him at home.
Schools used to teach children to read and write. They used to teach the history of this country and how its economic system works.
Children also were taught that they should not kill. Or steal. That they should honor their parents. Today, that kind of teaching may be the one thing that would get a teacher fired.
One of the ways that schools indoctrinate students is to teach them liberalism.
It is standard practice to teach children of high school age that the political spectrum runs from "communism" on the left to "fascism" on the right. Thus, students believe, "right wing" or conservative means fascist.
This of course is liberal doctrine. It is also total nonsense.
For a thorough treatment of the subject, read Jonah Goldberg's well documented book Liberal Fascism, but even a basic knowledge of history or politics reveals that the political spectrum must be based on the amount of government because politics is all about government.
Therefore, the actual spectrum runs from totalitarian government to anarchy, or no government.
This is a more accurate version, although not necessarily drawn to scale:

Another fact: America is a capitalist nation and a republic, not a democracy.
But children in the government schools are taught that they live in a democracy. (So vote Democrat, get it?) They also are taught that being conservative -- that is, in favor of the government envisioned by the Founding Fathers, who also are disappearing from the textbooks -- is a far-out mode of thinking, tainted by the greed of capitalism. No mention of the overwhelming greed of the elites who rule in a collectivist society.
You need to know what your children are learning, unless you want them to grow up in a country far different than the one you were born into.

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