Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Change again?

In 2008, millions of college age students went to the polls having been indoctrinated in government schools and by the liberal media to think that if a black person wanted to be president, they must vote for him to show they were not racists.
Now that age bracket enjoys record unemployment, and they see the nation in debt and disarray.
They may very well have a different mindset when they vote for a president next year.
Democrats were smart. They ran someone who was not qualified, but had the requisite skin color.
Had Republicans realized the value of that asset, they might very well have found a well qualified person of African ancestry and might very well have won.
Next year, there are a number of well qualified conservative candidates who would serve the nation well in the White House. They have many different ethnic and racial backgrounds.
It would behoove GOP voters to choose well. Many more votes may be attuned to qualifications and leadership abilities this time, and if the best happens to have ethnic appeal -- for those voters who find that appealing -- they might have a winning combination.
It won't be easy because of our silly election system. It is way too long and gives way too much clout to people in states like Iowa and New Hampshire.
But occasionally we muddle through and get a true leader. It happened in 1980 and it can happen again.

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