Thursday, May 19, 2011

Utopia isn't here yet

Liberals are all aglow about Alvin Brown being elected mayor. Predictably, they are playing the race card, as if electing someone with slightly darker skin than his opponent is a big deal in the 21st century.
What it actually means for poor black people is higher taxes, which means less money to spend on their families. That's one reason liberals try to keep them poor and uneducated on the liberal plantation.
Many who voted for Brown probably think that the higher taxes Brown will seek will be paid by rich white people.
Many of those voters probably are renters. Renters pay property taxes.
They pay them in their rent, and they pay them when they buy goods from local businesses.
Naturally, they are not taught such basic economic facts in school. They are lucky if they can even read or write when they leave the government schools.
Now, the City Council may not approve higher taxes. There is no reason to and there are conservatives on the council.
That is why it was ridiculous for pundits to get into a snit about Mike Hogan pledging not to ask for higher taxes. The council sets the taxes and it can do so, or not do so, no matter what the mayor wants.
The happiest people are the liberal fat cats who hope to get handouts in one form or another from City Hall. Their chances are greatly increased with a liberal Democrat as mayor.
By shifting costs from themselves to the poor, they come out ahead, again.
The idea that it means a great new boost for downtown also is bogus. City officials have lavished money on downtown Jacksonville since the 1950s and downtown in no way resembles the downtown of the past, but still the plea for more money goes on.
After the grandiose new courthouse is completed, there is really little the city government needs to do. The private sector will continue to lead in downtown redevelopment, when it is warranted.
I see no reason to expect any noticeable improvement, and some reason to expect a worse situation for those who can least afford it, as a result of the election.
But like those who voted for the incumbent president, and are unemployed as a result, they may never make the connection.

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