Friday, May 13, 2011

Birther pains

I wish birthers would get off it, and focus on electing a new president next year.
Not only is it a waste of time -- Barack Obama was born in Hawaii -- but they take away attention that should be on the loony left "truthers" who think George Bush and the CIA blew up the twin towers.
The latest kerfuffle is about the birth certificate. But it is not evidence of anything.
If you are not going to believe a birth certificate, newspaper accounts and the word of people who knew the parents and claim they saw baby Obama, then what?
Diehards say they have to make sure he meets the qualifications in the Constitution.
Sure, but what if he does not?
Do they seriously think that the Senate is going to remove him from office, even if he were impeached by the House?
Do they think the Supreme Court is going to declare a four-year-old election invalid?
Do they think the megalomaniac is going to resign? 
The best course is to vote him out of office and try to undo the damage he has done.

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