Monday, April 4, 2011


Tomorrow, socialists around the nation are being urged to attend a great "teach in" at which they will try to "take back" America. Commies and pot-bellied, grey-haired '60s hippies also are expected to attend.
Maybe they will be shouting "Ho ho, BHO has got to go." Or, maybe not.
Coincidentally, I'm sure, George Soros is hosting a series of events April 8, aimed at destroying capitalism.
Other events coming up include a special "aid for Gaza" event to highlight the plight of the terrorists in Gaza, who daily fire rockets into civilian neighborhoods in Israel, and send forays to murder entire families. Old Obama pal Bill Ayers is in on that one.
These events come right on the heels of Obama's announcement that he will run for re-election, and the simultaneous announcement that he will not try terrorists in civilian courts, as he previously had promised to do. American voters are overwhelmingly against the idea of giving terrorists special rights and a public show.
There certainly are a lot of things going on. None of them seem to be very good for America. Next year we will find out whether Americans care or not.

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