Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Boss calls POTUS

"Mr. President, Mr. Soros is on the red phone!"
"Yes sir?"
"Barry, here's the word for the day. 'There's no silver bullet.' Got it?"
"Yes sir. What does it mean?"
"Never mind that. Just put it on the TelePrompter and use it every chance you get when you are talking about gasoline prices."
"Yes sir. Ummm. I forget. Are we for higher prices or lower prices?"
"Higher! These fools still have too much money. If we don't part them from it, they will be all starting businesses, creating jobs and wealth. Who the hell will need the government then?"
"Right, chief. I'll get right on it. I'll get our union goons and the media to spread it around, too."
"Good. And quir worrying about next year. I've got it covered. They are all focused on Donald Trump and where you were born. Nobody is paying attention to how you are screwing up the world."
"Thanks, boss. And don't you worry. No matter what Beck says, I don't think you are a spooky dude."

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