Friday, April 29, 2011

Political posturing

Alvin Brown is trying hard to look conservative but it isn't a good impersonation.
Brown is a Democrat. You cannot use the words "Democrat" and "fiscal responsibility" in the sane sentence.
If you like Obama, you'll love Brown.
But his handlers have found a few poll-tested phrases, such as "holistic" and "partnerships" that they think resonate with voters, and he is deploying them randomly when he speaks, but they mean nothing.
Republican Mike Hogan is the conservative candidate for mayor. He is the candidate with experience. He is the candidate who will look out for the taxpayers.
Here are two bits of evidence to support that contention.
One is that the liberal morning newspaper is slamming Hogan in the news columns. And, since the news columns and opinion pages are joined at the hip, he will not get the paper's endorsement. That doesn't matter much, because the paper's influence in the community has become almost non-existent.
The second clue, which is related to the first because it is trumpeted in the paper, is the fact that a handful of registered RINOs are supporting Brown.
There are folks who talk about free markets and such, but want a mayor who will keep on spending money like there is no tomorrow, and one who will continue to toss slop in the trough.
Also, there is more than a little snobbery. Hogan doesn't have a Harvard degree and doesn't hang out in the country clubs, extending his pinky when he sips his latte.
That's OK with those who don't belong to the country clubs. Hogan intends to spend your money sanely. For example, public employees will be treated fairly, not lavishly. Jacksonville is not in California.
No matter what they say in Washington, the recession is not over. The next mayor probably will see 8 to 9 percent less in property tax revenues, yet higher expenses because of the federal government's policy of inflation and built-in costs the current administration has failed to address. He must act responsibly because Jacksonville is not the federal government and cannot spend more than it collects.
For taxpayers who want to be treated fairly, the solution is simple. Turnout will decide the outcome. If you don't vote, they will -- and if they win, you will pay.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo. If you support Brown you are no true small R republican. You are just a big government RINO and your day is coming.