Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let's look at the record

Candidate Barack Obama promised hope and change.
He criticized George Bush for spending too much. Obama has added $4 trillion to the debt.
He criticized Bush for the tax relief Bush had championed. Obama allowed the tax relief to be extended.
He criticized Bush as a "warmonger." Obama has continued one Bush military operation, escalated another and started another of his own.
He criticized the imprisonment of terrorists at Guantanamo. Obama has allowed the terrorists to continue being house at Guantanamo.
He criticized Bush for being too close to Wall Street. Obama has bailed out big banks, General Motors, General Electric and other Wall Street moguls.
He criticized Bush for America's standing among other nations but world leaders now regard Obama as weak and indecisive and America appears to have lost respect since Obama took office.
He criticized Bush for his Medicare prescription plan, then Obama rammed through Congress a health care plan overwhelmingly opposed by the American people, via trickery.
He promised transparency and honesty in government but passed his health care plan in secrecy, making dozens of deals with various players, deals he has begun to renege on.
Obama has no plan to meet the looming economic crisis, other than inflating the currency and imposing punitive taxes on all Americans.
Where is the change? Where is the hope?

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