Sunday, April 24, 2011

Journalism 101: Slanting the story

The Miami Herald is looking critically at the idea of private state prisons.
The Herald, which has never seen a government proposal to waste money that it didn't like, worries that it might cost more.
This is part of its analysis: "Critics also say the plan to expand prison privatization is aimed at rewarding an industry that donates generously to the state Republican Party."
Well, there you go. If the industry helps the Republican Party, obviously it might be ... what? Devious? Underhanded? Criminal? Deranged?
Oddly, enough the Herald doesn't even see any need to explain just why that is a talking point. Its readers are supposed to understand.
The fact that the "critics" are unions who donate to the Democrat Party is, of course, beside the point.
When it is a case of special interests vs. the taxpayers, you can always count on Florida's liberal media to do what they do best.

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