Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's all over

A learned professor says the world is doomed. There is no way to stop global warming, so we should not bother to try, he says.
Professor James Lovelock is one of the alarmists who believe humans are destroying the planet by driving SUVs and burning electric lights instead of kerosene lamps. He is just a bit more alarmed than others.
Basically, he told BBC, we should just give up and enjoy life the best we can until the world comes to an end, which he implied would be sooner rather than later.
Hell's bells: Isn't that what we're doing?
Liberals are spending the legacy of future generations as if there is no tomorrow.
So, if there isn't, what's the diff?
And why are they proposing legislation to prevent the inevitable? I mean, this guy is a scientist, for heaven's sake. His theory can't be questioned.

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