Friday, April 2, 2010

Read the bill

In case anyone was influenced by the March for Mediocrity staged by the teacher unions to protest rewarding good teachers, here is what SB6 actually does.
Anyone who understands what the bill does is not likely to be opposed, unless -- like the teacher union bosses -- they simply want to cling to the status quo, where education is expensive yet fails many children.
Some pundits say merit pay is good but requiring it at the state level is bad. Local boards already have been told to devise merit pay plans, but few have bothered to do anything meaningful.
These same pundits are not above applauding state government intervention when it is to their liking, such as barring sex offenders from living within a certain distance of bus stops on the zany theory that it will deter the criminals from following their avocation, or when the state seeks to allow the media to pry into personal business.
How about a bipartisan effort to improve the bill? Seems we heard a lot of that advice when Congress was in the process of taking over the health care industry.
Maybe in this case the efforts would not be ignored.

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