Monday, April 12, 2010

Hooray, more busy work

City planners have drafted a 2030 mobility plan and liberals are swooning over it.
Naturally, it is full of "sustainability" and acronyms galore, both of which give liberals orgasms.
To be fair, the state ordered the city to waste its time in this effort, so they are not to blame.
Apparently, the point of this exercise is to find ways to reduce greenhouse gases and promote mass transit. When you have two pointless goals it takes careful planning to find ways to reach them, especially those that don't work.
At best, the plan will be ignored. At worst, it will cause the cost of housing to go up, which is what "smart growth" does everywhere else. Once they drive housing costs up, liberals then can demand "affordable housing" and create market meltdowns as they did in 2007.
Everyone now understands that the liberal elite want mass transit so that the masses will stop using cars for transit, leaving the roads clear for libs to drive their Volvos and hybrids on.

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