Thursday, March 25, 2010


Like the vast majority of Jacksonville residents, I don't read the Florida Times-Union. It is so lightweight, literally and figuratively, I have better things to do with my time.
But I asked someone who does (it's a job requirement) whether the paper had ever interviewed someone locally who (a) had no health insurance and (b) was unable to get health care. He could not cite an example.
Think about it.
Health care has been the No. 1 issue in the nation for more than a year. Those favoring the liberal plan that was enacted have been saying millions of Americans have been going without health care -- and even dying.
And the local paper couldn't find a single example?
Or, perhaps, it didn't even occur to them?
As someone who spent nearly 50 years in the business, this is incredible to me.
Localizing a major national story is Journalism 101.
But the paper is so busy with its liberal agenda, and fluff and stuff stories, it doesn't have time to provide readers with useful information. While constantly trying to figure out why readers are leaving in droves, maybe it could consider its content.

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