Friday, March 26, 2010

They aren't finished

Liberals are just getting warmed up with the takeover of the health care industry.
Still to come:
Amnesty for millions of people who are in this country illegally. Democrats know they will need their votes in November.
Takeover and shut down conservative talk radio and Fox News. If they can do it, they will silence the Wall Street Journal, too. Like the Chinese, Obamanation doesn't need any dissent.
In that same vein, some kind of government regulation of the Internet.
Inevitably, a crushing new tax burden. This, however, will be after the election, not before.
Right to work laws will be stricken.
Welfare will return, bigger than ever.
The Supreme Court will be packed with liberals, like the nut case just appointed to the Ninth Circuit.
Trust me. All of this and more is on the agenda. What's more, it is the domestic agenda that matters. If we lose in Afghanistan and cities in Israel are destroyed with nuclear weapons, too bad but it can't interfere with the important business at hand: turning America into a welfare state, cradle to grave.
Elections have consequences, and there was a game-changing election in 2008.

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