Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So much for compromise

The current "government shutdown" debacle is a classic example of liberalism in action.
We constantly are bombarded with liberal demands, echoed by the compliant media, that conservatives should "compromise."
Here's what that means. If liberals want to increase spending by $1 trillion, conservatives are supposed to agree to at least $500 billion.
But if conservatives want to cut the wild spending spree the government has been on for seven years by $1 trillion, they are pilloried for their heartlessness. The word compromise is never spoken in that debate.
So it is now.
The House sent the liberal Senate a bill that would keep the government operating. It was refused.
The reason it was refused is that the rich and powerful liberals in the Senate would rather shut down the government than be subjected to Obamacare, which they insist is wonderful -- for ordinary Americans.
The bill would require members of Congress to use Obamacare, without fat subsidies.
It also would delay the individual mandate for Obamacare, which is hated by the public.
Liberals say the law can't be changed. But they have changed it. Obama unilaterally delayed the employer mandate.
Passing the bill in the Senate would be a compromise -- the very thing liberals have been extolling for years, whenever they want to have their way.
But they won't do it.

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