Thursday, December 9, 2010

Karl Marx couldn't have said it better

This rant by socialist Bernie Sanders is amazing, but not for the reason libs think.
In his anti-capitalist tirade, Sanders claims the middle class is disappearing and that billionaires are waging war against ... somebody.
To take just one misleading statistic, consider his claim that 1 percent of the people earn 23 percent of the money in the United States. (I'll accept the figure for the sake of argument; it sounds about right.)
What the socialists never tell you when they do this routine is this:
The people who create wealth and earn such income also pay a larger share of taxes -- a share larger than their share of the income. Larger.
In addition, whatever they earn is not subtracted what everybody else earns. This is probably the largest hole in the argument socialists make.
In other words, you can earn whatever you are able to earn and want to earn -- regardless of what anybody else earns.
It is also true that the famous five income brackets most people use are very elastic. People are in the top bracket one year and another a year later. The contrary also is true. People rarely stay in the lowest income bracket. They are there when they are young, before their peak earning years. If they work and save, they move up to higher brackets.
And of course the poorest Americans are better off than 90 percent of the people in the world.
Liberals feed off of the wealth capitalism creates -- the whole time they are bashing it. Their worse fear is that Atlas will Shrug some day and leave them empty handed.
So, watch Sanders and pity the poor, addled old socialist. But avoid his brave new world like the plague.

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