Thursday, December 9, 2010

How libs think

Americans should not be allowed to keep $3.7 trillion of their own money because part of it ($700 billion) belongs to the evil "rich."
That is how liberals think.
The fact that $3 trillion of it was earned by people who are not rich and who need it to care for their own families matters not a whit.
Liberals are so caught up in the class warfare they have practiced for the past 75 years that they are willing to burn the village, if necessary. (As long as it isn't the mythical village that it takes to raise a child.)
Their perceived mission in life is to forcibly take wealth created by productive people and give it to others (in exchange for their votes).
This, they believes, makes them modern-day Robin Hoods. In fact, if they bothered to read Robin Hood, they would realize they are more akin to Prince John.
This tax-the-rich-at-any-cost logic is precisely the same kind of warped thinking used by liberals in their efforts to keep the United States from defending itself against a nuclear missile strike.
They say antimissile defenses are not 100 percent effective.
In other words, why should the people of Jacksonville be saved if a missile could get through and demolish Des Moines?
Put aside the fact that the missile defense systems are good and getting better, and think about the premise.
Naval anti-aircraft didn't bring down every kamikaze plane during World War II, either. Would today's liberals have refused to place anti-aircraft guns on ships in the Pacific fleet?
Yet, some people actually vote to put liberal politicians in positions where they can make decisions that affect the lives of Americans. Scary.

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