Thursday, November 6, 2014

What next

After a devastating repudiation of Barack Obama and his policies, Republicans need to get to work in January, repairing America.
First, put America back to work.
Get the Keystone pipeline built. There is substantial Democrat agreement. Pass the bill out of Congress and throw it on Obama's desk and see if he has the audacity to veto it.
Get the IRS under control. Also the EPA. Repeal the unconstitutional delegation of legislative authority to agencies in the executive branch.
Repeal the corporate income tax. There is no point in having corporations collect taxes for the government.
Repeal the capital gains tax. This would produce investment, jobs and wealth.
Repeal the marginal income tax rates and place a 10 percent flat tax on everyone who is employed.
Everyone should be able to participate in funding the government, since everyone benefits from the things government does that it is supposed to do.
When everyone is participating, everyone has a stake. Those with lower incomes than average may suddenly discover that they can with less government spending.
Finally, repeal the withholding tax. This was a pernicious development, devised during World War II as taxes soared in an effort to mask the impact.
The ideal way to pay taxes would be the way it was done in the military until fairly recently. A soldier would be paid in cash, then move to the next table where he would fork over his tax payment, in cash. What he had left in his hand was his "share" of what he had earned.
Let people pay their taxes the way they pay for other things like rent and groceries, and there would be more awareness and interest in what the politicians in Washington are doing.
There is plenty more to do after that, such as health care reform and saving entitlement programs from bankruptcy.
If you want hope and change for the better instead of the worse, these are ways to make it happen.

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