Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The trade

If he were a Major League Baseball team owner, Obama would have traded Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe Dimaggio for Bob Uecker, (one of the worst players ever).
This is what we know about the latest Obama scandal:
He traded five of the most dangerous Muslim terrorists in the world for an American soldier, against the recommendations of the military and intelligence community.
The guy he "rescued" left behind his rifle, climbed under a barbed wire fence and departed his post in Afghanistan without leave. According to one report he left a letter saying he wanted to join the Taliban.
He was captured and kept for five years. He now speaks Pashto. He has made a number of statements derogatory about America and the army.
Members of his unit say he was a weirdo and a deserter.
They also say at least six soldiers were killed searching for the captured soldier because the Taliban knew they would search and set up ambushes for them.
His father wants to free all Gitmo prisoners and praised Allah in Pashto when he spoke at the White House.
We don't know yet whether Obama also paid cash ransom.
But we do know that the White House sent its designated liar, Susan Rice, out to the Sunday talk shows -- where she had lied about Benghazi -- and she said the soldier had served "with honor and distinction."
This was done by a president who was raised in Muslim countries, educated in Muslim schools and speaks reverently about "the holy Qu-uran." He also has pledged to close Gitmo.
This is either the worst-reported story in history or it cries out for a special prosecutor.

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Alban Brooke said...

Scoop, you are right on the money. I can't help but thing O'B is not quite this dumb, but is this sneaky, to say the least.