Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Stop the nonsense!

I've had it with the lame liberal argument that vouchers are bad because they take money away from the government schools.
Not true and it would be irrelevant if it were.
All vouchers do in Florida and most other states is afford low-income minority families the same educational opportunities that more affluent families have. Period.
Most families can take their children out of failing government schools where they are not getting an education and send them to private schools.
In fact, one out of every five government schoolteachers choose this option for their own children.
Vouchers go to low-income students in failing schools who are being cheated out of an education.
In most cases, struggling parents have to pay extra because the voucher does not pay the full cost, but they are willing to do so.
Is this money "taken away" from the school the child leaves?
Schools are paid a certain amount per child. So every child remaining in the school still would be funded.
Here's another crucial point the greedy union bosses want you to overlook.
Everyone pays for government schools, whether they have a child in them or not. This includes people who also are paying for their child to attend a private school.
Because vouchers are for less than the cost of the child attending a government schools, this is a benefit to taxpayers.
In short, vouchers are a winning proposition for everyone. Liberals should stop lying about them and start helping poor children get an education.

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