Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Science marches on

When I was in high school I recall being bombarded with health information about diet.
Each day's menu should include juicy steak, eggs, milk, butter, cream and the like, we were told.
In the interim I was shocked to learn that all those things would kill you, according to the newest, latest, up-to-date, most scientific information.
Now: the scientific consensus is that those things do no harm.
That's fine. I'm just wondering if all the "deniers" who doubted that they were in mortal peril from eating at the nearest steakhouse will be exonerated.
I'm also wondering if all those who have survived for decades on nuts and berries still feel morally superior and consider themselves healthier than the rest of us.
Lastly, I'm wondering what will happen to the alarmist community if science finds that -- for certain, according to their latest Excel spreadsheet -- that a new Ice Age is coming and we desperately need more CO2 to warm up the planet.

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