Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yes and no

It is time, past time, to address the constant refrain from the socialists that the Republicans are the party of "no."
Bull Shiite.
Republicans have presented many plans that would help restore the economy. Just this week three of them put forth a viable healthcare plan.
But they have no power to do anything.
Republicans have a majority in the House. Liberals control the Senate and the White House. No Republican plan that would be good for America will pass the Senate or get anything but a veto from the president if it did.
Thus, it is futile for Republicans to propose anything.
The most they can do -- and what they should do -- is vote against any socialist bill that increases the size of the government or the debt that is swamping future generations of Americans.
Only a fool in the media would even repeat this nonsense. There is no Party of No except the Democrat Party, which says "no" to anything that would help Americans recover from the liberal attack on our nation.

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