Saturday, December 21, 2013

Obamacare meltdown

Can it get any weirder?
Obamacare was sacrosanct, liberals argued. It could not be changed by Congress, which is the only body with authority to pass a law, change a law or repeal a law.
Yet Obama, who has no such authority, has now changed the sacrosanct law for the 14th time!
This time he is waiving the individual mandate for millions of Americans.
This, his mob had argued before the Supreme Court, was the heart and soul of the law. It was essential. It could not be tampered with under any circumstances.
So, you can go without insurance, under a plan that was going to insure everyone, or you can buy catastrophic insurance, which is less expensive.
Having health savings accounts and catastrophic insurance would have solved much of the problem with health insurance in the first place, but libs have made health savings accounts less useful, not more.
Instead they steadfastly have pursued a single-payer system and Obamacare, as they have admitted, was but the first step.
Now it is unravelling quickly and among the victims will be the insurance companies, who jumped in bed with the libs. It was in hope of self-preservation, I understand, and perhaps resistance would have been futile, but it also could have made a difference. Even with the trickery and deception it was a close vote.
Even members of Congress got hornswoggled. One congressman told me his mandatory Obamacare policy cost three times as much as the previous one he had, and is not as good.
However, libs are not going to admit that it is an unmitigated disaster. They will double down and ram it down the throats of Americans, no matter what the cost.
However, there is a good chance that it will cost them the U.S. Senate next year.
Maybe then, the Reconstruction can begin.

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