Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Facts and fancies

Let's look at the record.
The Soviet Union collapsed, after 75 years of socialism -- and praise by American liberals for the enlightened views of its leaders.
Cuba and North Korea are basket cases.
Sweden is scaling back, Ireland is cutting spending by 20 percent, Britain is slashing spending.
China is alive only because of capitalism.
In short, everywhere and anywhere socialism/communism/facism,/liberalism/progressivism or whatever other ism that doesn't begin with "capital" has been tried it has failed.
What works? Freedom. Allowing people to take risks and either succeed or fail.
The American people know that, which is why we got real hope and real change Nov. 2.
Young Americans aren't going to learn how the world works by attending public schools or reading the liberal media. They have to learn it from us, or the hard way.
Nearly 400 years ago the first Americans tried collectivism and it failed them, resulting in the deaths of nearly half the settlers in New England.
In spite of their misery, the pilgrims joined with the Indians and gave thanks for their freedom.
Sadly, some misguided Americans still want to return to the system wisely rejected by the nation's first settlers. No matter how many times it fails, they can't let it go.

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