Monday, October 18, 2010

To the rear, march!

Under Obama, the liberal lemmings are marching bravely right to the cliff.
Socialist Sweden for decades has been the liberal idea of heaven, if any of them thought such a place existed.
Sweden now is moving to the right as fast as it can, realizing that it can only print wealth, not create it.
Germany's leader, meanwhile, has declared that nation's attempt at "multiculturalism" is a dismal failure and must be abandoned. It remains in full swing in the U.S.
The Brits are slashing government jobs, and spending.
Even the Dutch now are dropping pot cafes and other vestiges of the Sixties. Not to worry. All the potheads can move to California.
The rest of the world has been there and wants to go back (except for Cuba, North Korea, San Francisco and a few other foreign places, of course).
But the American left, led by Pelosi, Reid and Obama, still are searching for Shangri-la.

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