Saturday, June 26, 2010

Obama's Last Stand

So, General Obama is taking over the war in Afghanistan.
This is a Democrat war. It is "the right war," they said (not that thing in Iraq).
They voted for it and they own it.
But will they win it?
Obama announced a while back that he would send additional troops, in a "surge" just like the one he opposed in Iraq. At the same time, he announced that, win or lose, the troops would pull out in July 2011.
Even the barbarians in the Afghan mountains understood that one. Lay low, inflict maximum casualties, husband and expand resources, exploit the American media and wait. Victory comes next year.
Obama has fired the general running the war and put in charge a general the liberals have lambasted as a traitor. That means that for all practical purposes, Obama is in charge.
Meanwhile, suffering Afghans don't trust their corrupt and ineffective government (showing that they have something in common with Americans) and know the Taliban will ruthlessly murder anyone who has opposed them after the Americans leave.
Pity our poor troops who are going to die in vain.

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